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AKD Sizing Promoter


AKD sizing promoter can be used in AKD neutral-alkaline sizing system, greatly limiting the AKD hydrolysis and migration tendencies.

The "third generation" AKD paper sizing promoter is mainly used to precipitate calcium carbonate loading multi-purpose photocopy paper. After the paper containing cationic polymer is reused, 60% of the cationic polymer still is adsorbed in the fiber, the paper can have a good water-increasing function.


AKD Paper Sizing Promoter Code IR-091A IR-091B IR-091C IR-091D IR-091E
Appearance Colorless to light yellow viscose liquid
Solid content 35±1% 40±1% 40±1% 30±1% 40±1%
pH Value 5.0~7.0
Viscosity(25℃) 400-600cps 7000-9000cps 4000-8000cps 200-800cps 4000-8000cps
Use condition Surface sizing Surface/ inner Surface/ inner Surface sizing Surface/ inner
Most paper type Most paper type Most paper type High light paper Most paper type
Common promote Rapid promote Rapid promote Rapid promote Rapid promote


Please first have a small test to confirm the correct method and dosage.

Reference dosage: adding 20 Kg of the product into 1 mt fresh 15% AKD emulsion. The above is for reference only, the amount depends on practice.

Packing and storage:

AKD sizing promoter should be packed into a 125 kg/plastic drum, 200 kg/plastic drum, or 1000 kg/IBC drum.

AKD paper sizing promoter should be packed and preserved in a sealed, cool and dry condition, and avoid contacting strong oxidants. The term of validity is two years. Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.


AKD Paper Sizing Promoter.

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