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Cationic Clay Stabilizer

Chemical ingredients: cationic quaternary ammonium salt Polymer.


Cationic Clay Stabilizer gathers electrolytes for the strong cation, appearance is clear to light yellow viscose liquid, specific weight is 1.02g/cm3, and resolve temperature is 150℃.

Cationic Clay Stabilizer neutralized with the negative charge of the clay surface and the surface of clay minerals films can prevent swelling clay mineral hydration, scattered, and migration from prolonging the water-flood period and increasing the oil output. This Cationic additive has good compatibility with other acid and fracturing agents.


Item Index
Appearance colorless to pale yellow viscose liquid
Solid content,% 20±1
pH 5.0~7.0
Viscosity (25℃), cps 10,000~20,000


In the presence of a certain amount of clay minerals, including swelling montmorillonite clay minerals, the diffuse double layer forms when they contact with water, which causes low permeability in strata.

Non-expansion clay minerals can be dispersed into particles by flashing. they migrate into the pore formed and plug the channel. Cationic Clay Stabilizer is mainly used to inhibit clay’s expansion and clay particles’ migration in injection.

Make experiments before use to determine dosage and application. Cationic Clay Stabilizer has good stability, and won’t ferment and degrade by a bacterium.

Packing and storage:

Cationic clay stabilizer should be packed 200kg plastic drum or 1000kg/IBC drum. Stored at room temperature, the storage period is one year.


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